February 25, 2006

Adam Carroll Show

With David Byboth opening

What an incredibly fun evening we had!! 

Thanks to all who got out and weren't afraid of a little mud in the yard to come on out and enjoy an evening of fine music! 

David Byboth (and we set the record straight right here! It's pronounced "Buy Both" as in "don't buy one, buy both!" Thanks for that one David, we'll remember forever!!) kicked off the night for us.  Fans and friends of his really need to keep the pressure on for him to get a CD done!!

What a treat it was to have Adam Carroll in our very own living room performing his wonderful original music (and a tune or two that wasn't).  The stories he tells through his song put the listener right into the middle of the tales.  I think most of the characters in his songs we've either met, have seen somewhere before, or can related to on a personal level somehow.  New listeners were immediately won over, old fans like us felt like we were just the luckiest people on the planet for a while!

When the crowd dispersed, Adam, buddy Mark Jungers (our April headliner!!) and Adam's cousin Rod stayed up a while, playing, singing, joking, and visiting.  We just sat back and enjoyed!!  This was truly one of the best evenings in the living room to date!!





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