Cuervo Acres's Charity Project!!!




One of Dana's friends, Jayson Nichols has a project near and dear to his heart!!!!  Y'all know how Dana is about this is a perfect opportunity!!!!  Feet need socks. Not everyone is as lucky as we are to have an abundance of socks, some don't even have a good pair to their name. Since 2012, friends and families of Cuervo Acres have donated over 3000 pairs of socks to help those in need!!!!

Hope's Door is a place that helps families affected by domestic violence in Collin and Dallas Counties. They are there for those in need, and help provide a way and means to be safe. One of the items they never have enough of is socks. Here's where we can help and here's the really cool thing. When we donate money to a charity, we might wonder exactly where every penny goes. When we donate socks, we know they are going directly onto feet!! Each pair of socks will help a person. You get three for a dollar, you might have just helped THREE PEOPLE!! Isn't that cool!!! They need all colors, kinds, sizes....anything goes!!!! can bring socks to The Acres that we'll deliver to Hope's Door in late November, or you can make donations to the fun and we'll pick up socks three pairs for a buck!! You can mail donations of socks or money to PO Box 1352, Princeton TX 75407. That means EVERY dollar puts socks on THREE people!!!  Let's do this....shall we??!!!!