Favorite Links

Fusion Tea Room

www.fusiontearoom.com - Cuervo Acres is especially grateful to Fusion Tea Room of McKinney, TX for providing fantastic teas for our artists and guests!!  So many wonderful varieties of herbals, yerba mates, rooibos, and more, check them out online, on Facebook, at McKinney Trade Days, and coming soon their storefront in West McKinney!!!

www.texasmusicguide.com - Yet another fantastic site for Texas music info!  Be sure to check out the pics and tales and there's a calendar there, too!!  This is another one of Lone Star Mama's favorite haunts!!  Also not a newbie to the net, this site is fun and informational!

www.koalatshirt.com - Have you seen those fine lookin' "Cuervo Acres" shirts around?  Maybe you've seen those "Big Daddy Don Walser Benefit" shirts, or those neat lookin' Randy Hopper koozies.  Actually, if you've been around very many Texas music artists, I'd bet at least one of them is carrying merch from Scott at Koala T!  We highly recommend them, for quality, great prices, and the finest in customer service.  Be sure to tell him Lone Star Mama sent ya!!

www.spygoat.net - Sometimes you need a "sound guy" who's got equipment and all, maybe for a special event or maybe you're gonna finally record that CD.  You have two choices.  You can take a chance on just anyone, or you can get a "so reliable you don't have to worry about pissin' off the artist" sound guy.  David Byboth (also a talented singer/songwriter) can provide a variety of sound production services, quality and priced reasonably!  You only want the best for your specific needs, let David take good care of you, and if you see him, give him a big ol' hug from us too, will ya?

www.sparkpeople.com - We've been losing weight, getting healthier, and still haven't given up Bad Andy's margaritas!  How?  Using a FREE website, called Spark People, and it's great.  No deprivation, just tracking calories and exercise and working toward a healthy lifestyle.  If you join, please fill in that cuervoacres referred you!!

www.stickerjunkie.com - Love those cool, black and white "Cuervo Acres, Texas" stickers??  Get some made up for yourself, excellent prices, it's fun to sit and play with designing, and their customer service is top notch.  The founder/owner of Sticker Junkie, Andrea, was one of the contenders in "The Apprentice" a couple seasons back!!

www.littletoyco.com - Looking for cool toys for that special "kid" in your life??  Our buddies Janice and Stan, who also run the Fred Eaglesmith fan "Port Putley" yahoo group can take great care of you!  They've got cool stuff for all ages, some of it is even educational!!  Great prices, great customer service, AND you can trust them to take good care of you!!  Happy Shopping!!

www.hillbillyhaiku.net  -Our buddies from Tennessee, Denise and Rick, have taken the plunge and begun their own series just outside of Nashville!  Their venue will be hosting an eclectic mix of many types of music!  You'll get the best music with two of the best people on the planet.  Go to the show, give Pineapple Denise a hug, and pinch Rick on the butt for us.......or give him a smooch, whichever you prefer!!

www.honkytonkhouseconcerts.com - Our buddies from Ohio, Jay and Tammy, have started a house concert series of their own!!!  We are so excited for them!!  If you are in that area, or gonna be, check 'em out!!  They are top notch people with great taste in music!!  Check them out, and if you attend a show, hug 'em for us, will ya??

TLC Internet Consultants - Are you ready to join the world of cyberspace and have a website for yourself or your business?  Don't come to LSM or BA, we're rookies!  This it the help you need, TLC Internet Consultants.  Great rates, but most importantly, high quality sites and customer care.  Give Tina a holler, she's got lots of good sites to show off her talents!

Saengerhalle - One of my favorite places in the entire state of Texas.  If you are in the New Braunfels area, be sure to check out this neat, old fashioned dance hall!*****update:  it's no longer a dance hall, was sold, and now the residence of a Church of Christ.  I gotta leave the name up here, was one of the coolest places on the planet, and it's a sin it's a church.  May it rest in peace, and may the spirits of the music and people who graced the doors haunt the place with a "yee haw" or "woo hoo" now and then.*****

Gruene Hall - Slated as the oldest dance hall in Texas, this place has great, LIVE music and good cold beer.  Some very famous people have played the stage here! There are often special events, and there's lots of good food within walking distance. A must see place on a trip to beautiful Gruene!  Say hello to Tracie there for me if you see her!!

Pickin' In the Pines - This one is my favorite of all music festivals, bar none.  Held in May and September, camping is limited to about 300 people, many of whom will be familiar faces to anyone who loves attending Texas/Americana music shows.  T-Roy Miller and his family are the hosts for this event.  Days are spent relaxing under the beautiful East Texas pines, evenings are filled with the finest of performers, and late night plays host to the campfires adorned with singers ( good, bad, young and old!) until the wee hours or sometimes bright hours of the morning.

Roots on the River Festival - Held in the beautiful town of Bellows Falls, Vermont, we trekked all the way from Texas three years in a row to enjoy a wonderful weekend of Americana music.  Originally begun as a Fred Eaglesmith weekend, it has evolved into Eaglesmith's band being the headliner to a first rate music festival. 

Reckless Records - This based website is a great place to order music, especially if you're from Australia.  It's also the happenin' place to find out information on Bill Chambers and for Audrey Auld Mezera!  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!!

http://www.houseconcerts.us  - Want to know where in the US to go to house concerts?  In one spot, this is the place to look!  Listings all over the US with contact information included.  Thanks to Russ and Julie for making this possible!

http://www.riflemanconnors.com/ - A very cool site for all fans of "The Rifleman" TV series, which ran from 1958-1963.  This one has all sorts of details you wouldn't believe!!

www.misslana.com -  (Site is gone now, may it RIP! Didn't have the heart to remove the link!)Want or need to know anything about Texas/Americana Music today?  This is a GREAT website, several years in the making now and highly respected across the state.  Miss Lana has a concert calendar for the general Texas area, CD and show reviews (some written by an extremely talented and gorgeous and modest writer....me! ;-)  ), links for artists and venues, and lots more!  Worth the time to go check out!