Fred Eaglesmith at

Cuervo Acres

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Thanks to the support of great friends and a sprinkling of luck, Cuervo Acres enjoyed a special show with Fred Eaglesmith on Sunday, October 5, 2008.

It was a fantastic evening of music and we're very grateful to all those who helped make it happen and for all of those making it an extra special occasion.  Our friend and sound guy David Byboth (with a little help from Rick Williams!) had the sound tweaked to perfection!!  Commemorative "passes" were handed out to everyone thanks to the talents of Dave the Neighbor and his trusty sidekick/fiancÚ Jessie, and the lanyards for Fred, Bad Andy, and Dana were gorgeous...thanks Kathy!!

Words really can't describe how much laughter and love was shared, or just how incredible the show was.  Several folks who attended the show are sending pictures to share, below are the links to some shots from the show compliments of them.  Thanks for sharing guys!!  A picture is worth a thousand words, including the one above sent by Tina Canary and Scott Mensing!!


Jimmy Bownds's photo page 1

Jimmy Bownds's photo page 2

Jimmy Bownds's photo page 3

Tina Canary's and Scott Mensing's Photos

David Byboth's photos

TxCindy's Photos

Pics from Pineapple Denise Williams

More coming shortly!


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