Cuervo Acres Welcomes



Zane Williams

Town Walsh opening!!


DOORS OPENING 6:00 for those wanting to watch the Kentucky Derby!!!

"for a little while we're all friends and this old world can't drag us down"!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012!!


This will be an awesome night @ the Acres.  Mexican themed!!!! One of our very favorite local singer/songwriters will return to the living room.  Spend an evening with of amazing music with this guy, and you'll be able to say someday "I knew him when......."! Town Walsh will be making his first appearance at Cuervo Acres as well!!! We fell in love with Town and his music at the 2012 Rusty Wier Singer/Songwriter Contest, where he was a finalist!!! We're proud to bring you an old favorite and a new favorite for this fun, fun evening!!!