Pre-TMR Gathering A Success

    Saturday, March 20, 2005 saw 34 folks gathering to enjoy fajitas and 'gritas here at the infamous Cuervo Acres.  It was a celebration of a visit from "Sully" Jeff Sullivan and friend Bobby from Virginia, as well as a big welcome home for Gerald Gardner, who's now back for good from Afghanistan and previously Iraq.

    Guests begin arriving as early as 2:00, but the official start time was 5:00 CBT (Central Blender Time).  Everyone contributed items for the dinner and beverages, making it one of the best cooperative party efforts to date.  For Fredheads having just returned from the awesome Fred in Texas Weekend, it was also a time to reminisce and share photos.

    As will sometimes happen, an impromptu house concert evolved.  Gerald kicked things off by playing some tunes, followed by Greg Holmes.  The talent that appears in my house never ceases to amaze me.  Then 8th grader Stevie Wilbanks wowed the crowd with his ever growing talent, and later the guys did some playing together.

    The crowd pretty much dispersed by 11 p.m., most of whom were headed to Texas Music Revolution on Sunday.  After a little clean-up, we shut the place down and called it a night.  What an awesome time with family and friends this was.  And yes, I forgot to take pictures, but did get some good video.

    Thanks to everyone who came out for bringing the supplies, providing the music, enjoying one another, and making great memories yet again!!

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