Cuervo Acres proudly welcomes back


Rod Picott!!


Singer/Songwriter Rod Picott  returns for an intimate evening at Cuervo Acres.   :-)

Not quite sure who he is?? Well, he's one of our favorite singer/songwriters and he never ceases to amaze us.  I guarantee if you love Texas/Americana music, you'll recognize some of the tunes he's written and co-written with friend Slaid Cleaves.  He's written a Fredhead fave with Fred Eaglesmith, too!  If you're a local KHYI listener, you've heard Rod's "Tiger Tom Dixon" on the radio! Check out the links below for some good videos of Rod. He's got a brand spankin' new CD entitled "Fortune"!!!

Rod is not only a talented performer, but a great guy with a sense of humor. This is one of our most requested by the "regulars" attending shows at The Acres!! Don't miss him!!



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