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Who are the folks at Cuervo Acres?? 

    The history revealed........


Once upon a time in the Metroplex, two single, fun loving people met by total fluke and were almost immediately inseparable.  Fifteen years and three kids later, those two people are settled in the ever thriving metropolis of Culleoka.  Known to those in the local Texas Music Scene as Lone Star Mama and Bad Andy, they love sharing their love of music and fun with those around them. 

It's been an incredible fifteen years.  This website is dedicated to sharing some tales and photos from all the fun.  It's also a place for Lone Star Mama to share some of her thoughts on her own terms.  Apologies in advance to anyone offended, but opinions are know the old sayin', everyone's got one.



Some of the folks sighted at Cuervo Acres........................
















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