Dana's Birthday Bash!  TEXAS STYLE!

Cuervo Acres House Concerts

WELCOMES the return of

Mark Jungers

and the Whistling Mules


We'll have an awesome time, guaranteed!

Once upon a time, we went to Love and War in Texas MANY years ago to see some dude we hadn't seen named Mark Jungers.  We didn't know anything about him, just wanted a night out.  We hadn't been there long, when he began rockin' out to Fred Eaglesmith's "Benchseat Baby" and doing it well!!  About that time, Mark spotted Dana's Fred shirt, and was happy someone else knew who Fred was.  It was then we got to hear some of Mark's own stuff, and found out what a wonderful singer/songwriter/storyteller he truly is.  

Mark and the Mules made their first appearance in 2006 at Cuervo Acres much to the delight of the crowd who attended! We've had them back at least once a year since!  Now, we get to share him and the Mules with you again!!!  Don't hesitate to pick up his music, all of his CD's are great!! 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jgRdlp9C54  See Mark and the Mules playing LIVE at Cuervo Acres at this link!!!!

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