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Cuervo Acres!!


Who's played the Acres??

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May 2015 - Brock Zeman and Blair Hogan

January 2015 - Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Heather Little open

December 2014 - Ian Dickson

October 2014 - Chris Wall and The Corzines - 110th show!!

September 2014 - Mark Jungers and Adrian Schoolar, Special Guests Gordie Tentrees and Jaxon Haldane

July 2014 - Brian Burns and Chris Wall

June 2014 - Jay Johnson, Troy Cartwright, Daniel Markham

May 2014 - Kylie Rae Harris with Hayley Cole, Dave Smith and Brian Miller open

April 2014 - Heather Little and Matt Bradshaw, with Jayson Nichols

March 2014 - Linda McRae and a little Ian Dickson and Dorothy Hamm

March 2014 - Brock Zeman and Blair Hogan

February 2014 - Ian Dickson...special Valentine's Day show

January 2014 - Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Ian Dickson opens

December 2013 - moved to January 2014 - Brian Burns and David Byboth - 100th SHOW!!!!!!

November 2013 - Lincoln Durham

October 2013 - Mary Cutrufello and Chris Wall

September 2013 - Jubal Lee Young!!!

September 2013 - Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules! Special appearances by Randy Hopper, David Byboth and Ian Dickson!!

August 2013 - David Byboth and Jim Bush (95th show)

July 2013 - Brian Burns and Randy Hopper

June 2013 - Jay Johnson and Troy Cartwright

June 2013 - Ian Dickson and Kevin Deal

May 2013 - Stephanie Urbina Jones with Patterson Barrett

April 2013 - Verlon Thompson, Kylie Rae Harris opens (90th show)

March 2013 - Malcolm Holcomb

February 2013 - Brock Zeman and Mark Jungers

January 2013 - Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Ian Dickson opens

December 2012 - Brian Burns's Annual Music Family Reunion/Christmas show! David Byboth does a couple, too!

October 2012 - Mary Cutrufello, Randy Hopper opens

September 2012 - Mark Jungers w/Adrian Schoolar, Lee Anne Wesseling with Ian Dickson opens

August 2012 - David Byboth and Jim Bush, Hannah Rose opens

July 2012 - Kevin Deal, Flying Penhalls open

July 2012 - Randy Hopper, John Willis opens

June 2012 - Brian Burns and Davin James, Jim Bob Laird opens! - 80th show

May 2012 - Steve Young and Jubal Lee Young

May 2012 - Zane Williams for Cinco de Mayo! Town Walsh opens! KR and Nancy wed @ the Acres!!!

April 2012 - CC Cross and James Dunning, Tin Man Travis opens!!

March 2012 - Rod Picott, JP Evans opens!

February 2012 - Brock Zeman and Mark Jungers - 75th show!!!

January 2012 - Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines, Kylie Rae Harris opens with Zane Williams

December 2011 - 7th Annual Christmas show -Brian Burns with special guests Kylie Rae Harris, Moose Jones, Steve Shipley and Steve Long!!!

November 2011 - Randy Hopper with special guests Jim Bush, CC Cross, and Randy Brown

October 2011 - Mary Cutrufello!!!!

September 2011 - Mark Jungers and Owen Temple!  Joe Gee opens!!! 70th show!!

September 2011 - Butch Hancock! Ian Dickson opens!!!

August 2011 - Roger Marin!! Byron Dowd opens!!!

July 2011 - Kevin Deal w/Miles Penhall and Bob Penhall

June 2011 - Brian Burns and Bob Livingston

May 2011 - informal gathring with Randy Hopper, Rich Thompson, and Billy.

May 2011 - Zane Williams with Jake Bays opening!  65th show

April 2011 - Gordie Tentrees and Sarah MacDougall with Ken Hermanson!!  JP Evans opens!!

March 2011 - Rod Picott and Amanda Shires, Chris Dempsey opens!!

March 2011 - Susan Gibson, Jana Pochop opens w/Katie Lessley!!

February 2011 - Scott Cook, Heather Little w/Drew Hall opens!!

December 2010 - Brian Burns's 6th Annual Music Family Reunion Show! 60th show

November 2010 - Ian Dickson and Zane Williams

September 2010 - Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules

July 2010 - Kevin Deal Band, Moose Jones opens!!

June 2010 - Brian Burns AND Mary Cutrufello!!

May 2010- Randy Hopper and the Big Texas Boys, Kylie Rae Harris opens!!

April 2010 - Adam Carroll and Michael O'Connor, CD release party for "Hard Times"

March 2010 - Canadian Invasion!! Brock Zeman and Blair Hogan, Moose Jones opens!

February 2010 - Heather Morgan in for a special Sunday afternoon show!!

February 2010 - Gordie Tentrees Trio, CD release party for "Mercy or Sin"!!

December 2009 - 50th show!!! Fifth Annual Brian Burns Christmas show and CD Release for "American Junkyard!!

November 2009 - 49th show!! Kevin Welch in the house for a Sunday afternoon show!!!

October 2009 - Marktobeerfest!! Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules, Kylie Rae Harris opens, joined for a song with Chase "Moose" Jones

September 2009- Kevin Deal w/Flying Penhalls!

August 2009 - Bob Livingston!!

July 2009 - Hotter'n'Hell Fest w/Randy Hopper, Zane Williams, Ian Dickson, David Byboth w/Chip Woodburn, JP Evans and Gary Greene

June 2009 - Brock Zeman W/Dan Walsh and Blair Hogan, Dan Chandler opens, so does Chase "Moose" Jones

May 2009 - The Dust Devils featuring Kevin Higgins and Barbara Malteze

May 2009 - Ian Dickson and Zane Williams....first set by candlelight (no electricity)!

March 2009 - Gordie Tentrees Duo and Mark Jungers Duo!!

February 2009 - Rod Picott and Amanda Shires - 40th show!!

January 2009 - Mary Cutrufello!!

December 2008 - Brian Burns with Gary Grammar, Zane Williams does a couple!

November 2008 - Brock Zeman with Dan Walsh and Blair Hogan, Zane Williams opening

October 2008 - Fred J. Eaglesmith and Band

September 2008 - Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules, Jimmy Bownds and David Byboth opening

August 2008 - T-Roy and Candace Miller

August 2008 - Randy Hopper and the Big Texas Boys, Special Guest Ian Dickson

July 2008 - Mary Cutrufello

June 2008 - Kevin Deal Band, Jason Carrell opening

May 2008 - David Byboth CD Release Party, Special Guests Randy Hopper and Ian Dickson - 30th show!!

April 2008 - Brock Zeman w/Dan Walsh and Blair Hogan, Jimmy Bownds opening

March 2008 -  Dirk Hamilton w/Special Guest Jay Johnson

January 2008 - David Olney w/Sergio Webb, David Byboth opening

December 2007 - Brian Burns

November 2007 - Brock Zeman w/ Dan Walsh, Lee Anne Wesseling opening

October 2007 - Jay Johnson

September 2007 - Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules

August 2007 - Cary Swinney w/ Michael O'Connor, JP Evans opening

July 2007 - Mary Cutrufello

June 2007 - Rod Picott and Amanda Shires - 20th show!!

June 2007 - T-Roy and Candace Miller

May 2007 - Audrey Auld Mezera

March 2007 - Randy Hopper and Kylie Rae Harris

March 2007 - Kevin Deal and his Band!!

February 2007 - Kevin Welch w/special guest Claudia Scott

January 2007 - The Laws

December 2006 - Brian Burns w/Jim Bob Laird opening

November 2006 - Susan Gibson w/special guest Michael O'Connor

October 2006 - Jay Johnson

September 2006 - Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules - 10th show!

August 2006 - Rod Picott and Amanda Shires, JP Evans opening w/Miles Penhall

May 2006? - Dust Devils

March 2006 - Jay Johnson for Jessica's birthday gathering

March 2006 - Romi Mayes w/Dan Walsh, Joe Gee opening

February 2006 -  Adam Carroll with David Byboth opening!!!

January 2006 -    John and Michele Law perform the first show of 2006!!

December 2005 - Brian Burns with Randy Hopper opening - pics posted soon!!

October 2005 -

    Welcome Home Bob Bryan from England bash with Jay Johnson!

    Friday night fajitas and 'gritas with Joe Gee!

    Wednesday night fun with Bob and Friends!

    Brian Burns at Love and War in Texas

September 2005 -  Night the Lights Went Out at Cuervo Acres

June 2005 -  VERY First Official House Concert with Audrey Auld Mezera and special guest Darcie Deaville - 1st show!!

March 2005 -

    The Fred Eaglesmith in Texas Weekend (four parts)

    Pre-TMR (Texas Music Revolution) Party with Gerald Gardner, Greg Holmes, and Stevie Wilbanks



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